I was curious what the Linux people think about Microsoft and any bad practices that most people should know about already?

  • UnfortunateShort@lemmy.world
    1 month ago

    I think overall they are not better or worse than other tech giants. They try to be the platform for blank and thus to push competitors out of the marked, or lock it down so they can’t enter. They try to extract as much money from their customers as they can, even if it makes the user experience worse. They push the boundaries of what the can legally do. They charge you, but you don’t own anything.

    What really grinds my gears is how they try to force stuff on me that I don’t fucking want. I feel like they are completely different in that regard than for example Google. I use Google Maps because I want to. I don’t use Chrome because I don’t want to. It’s that easy. They don’t ask me to reconsider, they don’t make it super complicated to switch, nothing. I can disable any Google App and forget about it.

    To stick with the Google comparison, I also feel like Google informs me better and gives me more control regarding my data. This feels much more hidden on convoluted in MS products in general. For example I had no idea Office is basically spyware before reading about it elsewhere. In Google-land, they seem much more upfront about what they use and what I can opt out from (or in to).