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  • I mostly want to switch since it feels better. It’s a first big step into becoming independent from Microsoft, and I don’t like the way they’re going with LLM’s among other things (I.E. totally oblivious of any security issues or broken code until the internet/EU spanks’m for it)

    The main reason though, windows 10 has ShapeCollector.exe to help windows learn your writing style. Windows 11 removed that, and just didn’t replace it with anything. Really irks me that.

    In terms of thunderbird, school needs to grant permission, which I did ask for. Don’t think they’ve granted it though.

  • On that last part, theres a difference between elevating a file to admin, and being an admin in Windows.

    In a lot of cases the ui is GREATLY simplified when not an admin, to the point where you might only have like 20% of all available options.

    For the standard user? Great! Not when you’re messing around with permissions.

    It’s why you ALWAYS log in as Admin when setting up a windows server. Iirc you can’t even install tiles without actually being an admin, even if you have all logins.

    From my experience with windows, your current guess is correct btw :D