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  • Yes, Tor can be set to start on boot, and there is a run all traffic through Tor setting. I’m pretty sure I remember one time when Tor failed during a session and things still worked though. With RethinkDNS this does not happen tough. When Orbot loses connection, quits, whatever, RethinkDNS will still send it traffic (if configured to do so) but it will not leave the device because Orbot is not running.

    Like I said, I really prefer RethinkDNS

  • I used it previously then switched to RethinkDNS.

    I like the blocking abilities and the logging more with RethinkDNS. I never used I2P so that was moot for me.

    With RethinkDNS I can pick the Hagezi blocklist and No Facebook, as an example, quite easily. I can also individually block domains and IPs. Dnscrypt doesn’t allow that much precision.

    It also has features like allow/disallow only on WiFi or data, block apps not in use, block all apps when device is locked, plus a bunch more stuff.

    It integrates with Orbot, but Orbot must also be installed.

    Really I can’t say anything bad about InviziblePro, I prefer RethinkDNS, you might not though.