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  • Nothing has exactly the same experience as MS. I don’t think there is a clone project for it.

    The two you listed are your best options.

    Does LibreOffice have any issues that prevent you using it? If not, it’s probably that your expectations are set by your comfort and familiarity with Office and that is the problem you need to solve.

  • You nailled it in the last paragraph. It is important to not get angry at customers. It isn’t their obligation to pay you a living wage. Secondly, the company chooses how much the meals are and indirectly how much they rent their tables per hour. If it isn’t viable, they should increase prices.

    Customers may be struggling. Could be their first meal out in months. The company invited them in with these cheap prices.

    Tipping culture is like “hey, come in, eat cheap. Oh, and please pay our staff on the way out.” You are an employer, not a table rental company.

  • I appreciate some of this could be controversial or opinionated so I will try and keep that to a minimum. I will link to discussion threads for each topic so people can dig into the are a bit more and why different things are recommended. This list will be regularly updated.

    I want to keep this thread clean, so I’m wondering if it would be better to discuss this in a separate thread.

  • I was on windows 10 without an SSD. There is only so much dog slow you can handle before you want to change it. I was amazed by how much faster linux was. Windows 10 was the first windows I noticed that struggled this much. It’s like they gave up on performance and just relied on the hardware. I dual booted from there with linux mint and over time, I started windows less. I haven’t used it in months.

  • For myself no. I did find it with PinePhone. It just wasn’t there yet and the pain to convenience factor was too great.

    GrapheneOS was a real game changer. I had a lot of stress and anxiety knowing how much my privacy was being infringed and every day I felt that tension. When I got a phone with GrapheneOS, and got the few needed Android apps I used, I felt nothing but liberated. Yes, there are inconveniences, but that pure feeling of it being my hardware (rather than Google’s), and that feeling of control over it is exhilarating to me. I feel free, and I cannot put a price on that.

    This is a process though, and it takes months, or years to get to where you want to be. I knew what exposures I had, and I had to find a solution to each one.