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  • I think Andrew might be a lawyer.

    My roommate for a couple years in college was pre-law, and did some internships after graduation but before gaining his own law degree. He mentioned at one point how absolutely and hilariously pervasive it was at the firm he was working for attorneys to just run screaming to IT every single time literally anything was even the slightest bit inconvenient or obtuse (to their understanding). Part of it was the logic of “I bill clients at $800/hr, I am not spending my time to resolve whatever this hiccup is”, but part of it was absolutely also some bullshit power dynamics.

  • Worst is when someone fucked up the DB time configs at some point and you have datetimes in a column that fall during the “nonexistent” hour in which clocks skip ahead for DST, and you have to figure out what the fuck actually happened there, and where in the data pipeline tz data was either added or stripped (sometimes it’s both, and sometimes it’s not just once), and undo the timestamp fuckery.

    Source: did that this week. Was not super awesome.

  • In addition to what everyone else has said: internships.

    You’ll understand a bit more about how to play the corporate tech game, and there’s an absolute fuckload of stuff that school just straight up does not touch on. Also, it’s a great way to start off your network. Also also, since “entry level” jobs commonly have “required” experience, you can say that you’ve got a year or two experience with a straight face (and not be bullshitting about it, because you do at that point).