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  • I think it’s a little much to expect people to always qualify ‘Free as in beer’ anytime they ever use the word free in a monetary sense in a Linux community.

    That seems really odd to me. I don’t expect people to qualify use of the word free in a montery sense in a Linux community, I expect people to avoid using the word free in a monetary sense entirely. And it doesn’t seem a little much, it seems blindingly obvious if one’s goal is to communicate effectively.

  • I would’ve thought … would’ve made that much obvious.

    Using the word “free” to refer to proprietary games in a GNU/Linux context is a huge indicator of a lack of awareness. I wouldn’t look further.

    finding out what software licence each and every title used, along with a direct link to the source code

    FYI, the page you linked to isn’t publicly accessible. When I try to look, Reddit demands that I log in and doesn’t present the page content.